SoilModels provides the following main functionalities to support geotechnical modelling workflow:

  • First, users can select appropriate material model from the Constitutive Models Database. Constitutive models, which are either fully docummented, or whose implementation is available including the source code, are eligible for listing in SoilModels database.
  • Subsequently, users can calibrate the model using software from Calibration Software Database to find simulation parameters or to simply test whether it provides sufficiently good predictions considering the purpose. SoilModels provides for its users fully automatic calibration tool, along with other element test drivers for manual calibration.
  • Each constitutive model profile page contains list of Finite Element Codes offering this model. These models may be either available internally in the code, or through user-defined plugins, available to SoilModels users for free download.
  • Finally, SoilModels provides a platform for discussing advanced modelling techniques and other profession-relevant topics with other members of the community. Any approved Member can post into the discussion Forum and download software codes. SoilModels also features Messaging system for the community members to communicate with each other.

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