Hi everyone, I would like to ask if anyone has an example umat file for me to study to work on my master thesis researches. I would like to create a soil foundation for a pavement which is both moisture and stress dependent. There have been some good papers about this topic too but I could not succesfully start writing the Fortran code required. I will really appreciate your help.
If anyone is also interested for proffesional help for this topic can feel free to contact me too.

  1. Hans Henning Stutz
    Hans Henning Stutz 4 years ago

    Dear Mehmet,

    please have a look into the Models section, there you can find a couple of different UMATs for Abaqus as inspiration.

    kind regards,
    Hans Henning

  2. Frank Richter
    Frank Richter 4 years ago


    adding to Hans’ advice:

    subscribe to and seek assistance from the
    ABAQUS mailing list
    Search the archive of the list before posting in it.

    or from the ResearchGate discussion forum.

    For advice on mechanics in general, including modeling,
    you can consult

    As an introduction get the file
    http://imechanica.org/files/Writing User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

    Good luck


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