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CESAR is a 2D and 3D Finite Element software enabling modelling and analysis of geotechnical problems. Proven, powerful and user-friendly, it covers a wide scope of soil and rock mechanics applications (deformation, stability…). Civil and geotechnical engineers use CESAR for design and verification but also for expert evaluations of following projects: supports/retention systems (diaphragm walls, retaining walls, sheetpiling); tunnels and underground cavities; soil-structure interactions; dams, embankments on soft soils (dissipation of excess pore pressure).

CESAR takes profit of research results at the Université Gustave Eiffel (former LCPC or IFSTTAR) and proposes an innovative tool to experience the production of user’s constitutive models.

License & Website

Commercial and academic licenses, Free trial version

Available Constitutive Models

[Other constitutive models, not present in SoilModels database]
The material models are described here: CESAR manuals – Material models (pdf file)
Elasticity models: Linear elasticity : isotropic, orthotropic, with Young’s modulus evolution with depth;

Non-linear elasticity: “Cam-Clay” type, “Fahey and Carter” type, Hardening Soil model, Duncan type, ANL (non-linear transversely isotropic).

Plastic criterions: Tresca, Van Mises, Coulomb, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker Prager, Modified Cam-Clay, Egg Cam Clay, Hardening Soil Model, HiSS, S-Clay 1, Parabolic, Hill, Hill-Lourenço, Vermeer, Mélanie, Nova, Bigoni-Piccolroaz, Hoek and Brown, Oriented, Oriented with chevron-shaped fractures, Prévost and Hoeg,

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