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I have been using hypoplastic subroutine supplied by this website. It works well in ABQ6.14 and ABQ2017.
However, recently I have to upgrade to ABQ2021 due to an expired FORTRAN compiler in older ABQ versions.

Once I upgrade the ABQ the subroutine does not work. no error in .DAT file, also ABQ couldn’t progress to creating .STA file.

I have tried it using a complex model, single element model (those models wored before in ABQ2017), and even I tried with the files for ISA-hypoplastic in ABQ2021.
Has any of you faced the same issue?

nb. linking Abaqus, ABQ2021 verify -user_std is ok. I even tried to run one of the UMAT verification files from Abaqus documentation. it works.

any idea what could be the problem is?

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  1. Erick Kencana Author
    Erick Kencana 3 years ago

    I have debugged the subroutine.

    When you use Intel Fortran Compiler 2021.3 (the latest up to date, I just download it yesterday) and visual studio 19, the original subroutines in this website will cause errors. I fixed this by deactivating any lines contain ‘stop’. in the hypoplastic with rkf_23, I deactivate xit_h subroutine and one line inside get_tan_h.

    this ‘stop’ syntax is for error management. not sure what happens if I deactivate the stops and the mean pressure goes negative. let see. at least for now my analyses are running. 🙂

    Erick Y. Kencana

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