1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 4 months ago

    Hamoun, you go too far I am afraid. There is currently a lot of uncertainty in cyclic modelling even of “simple” soils, such as sands or clays. Just few comprehensive datasets exist in the literature worldwide. I am not aware of such a dataset for a cemented soil, and if there is some, that would sure not be enough for proper development and evaluation of a constitutive model. If you need, please try some of the models for standard soils (such as ISA hypoplasticity or SANISAND). You will see yorself whether performance is good enough for you. Regards David

  2. Hamoun Alimoradi Author
    Hamoun Alimoradi 4 months ago

    I was very thankful you are considering my problem and i was so pleased to hear from you.

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