Hi everyone, i am trying to simulate DSS/cDSS test in drained/undrained conditions and I was wondering how the constraints matrices should be ? while it is easy to understand how to get them for triaxial conditions, i don’t understand how to come up with the right constraint matrices to simulate drained/undrained conditions for cDSS/DSS, any advice ?

  1. Wang Shun
    Wang Shun 3 years ago

    Hi, Anis, do you simulate a 2d or 3d problem? For a 2d simulation, I always fix the lower part, while assuming the upper boundaries as a rigid body using equation constrain. The drained or undrained condition can be simulation the same as the real test. I assume the drainage only occur at the top boundary. Hope these hints help you.

    • Anis Kheffache Author
      Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

      Thanks for the hint on how to silmulate it with abaqus , but my question was more about the matlab driver (constraint matrices E and S) for cDSS tests.

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