At the very interesting workshop on soil cyclic behaviour at NGI, Norway, February this year, we had a dsicussion on building a database of soil parameters for different constitutive models for various soil types, so that the user can get an initial estimation of parameters based on the index properties, before he performs laboratory testing.

One of the main outcomes of the discussion was that it is not model parameters database, which we should primarily build up, as very large number of models exist and the models themselves evolve with time. We should focus primarily on experimental dataset database, which can always be referred to in the future and adopted in generation of model parameter database.

For this reason, we created a “Dataset” section at SoilModels ( which will be filled over time with experimental datasets. To start with, I am happy to announce sharing of an extensive database on soil cyclic behaviour by Torsten Wichtmann (thanks Torsten for sharing). Also, we included dataset database originally formed along with the software ExCalibre, which contains data on various sandy and clayey soils. Any other experimetal dataset can be included, subjet to the condition that:

  • Index and granulometry properties are available
  • At least one compression test (isotropic or oedometric) and at least one triaxial test (drained or undrained) are available.
  • Data are presented in “standardised” form (we selected simple excel spreadsheet format used by ExCalibre)

Everyone is encouraged to share the data! For sharing, please contact SoilModesl coordinators (, we will set your dataset profile page up and you can keep updating it including the datasets yourself.


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