“A hypoplastic relation for granular materials with a predefined limit state surface” paper by P. A. Von Wolffersdorff April 1996 include a triaxial test result of sample 10cm diameter and length. The Hochstetten sand properties are assigned screenshot is attached below and Meshing of the sample by standard linear C3D8 brick element. Two steps of static general are created. step 1 confining pressure of 200 kPa and step 2, shearing stage applied displacement of 1cm by creating 10 second time step (1mm/sec loading rate). After the analysis completed the stress S33 in Z direction after shearing not generated. stresses are same as during confining stage in S11, S22 and S33 even after 1cm displacement of the soil sample.

Stresses in Z direction-min-4.JPG user material property-min-0.JPG Displacement condition-min-1.JPG Meshing of sample-min-2.JPG stresses not generated-min-3.JPG

  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 6 years ago

    Hi Akshay, it seems to me that you assign Par15 to very high value. Par15 is bulk modulus of water to be used exclusively in undrained analysis using penalty method. As you apply undrained condition during compression stage, effective stress will not change. Can you try to set Par15=0 and rerun? Please check Statev8, which is pore water pressure, and calculate the effective stresses yourself as total stress (Abaqus output) minus pwp. Regards David

  2. Abd Elfattah
    Abd Elfattah 6 years ago

    Dear Dr. David Mašín
    also i am facing this problem when generate intergranular strain parameters with setting Par15=0. but no problem when turn off intergranular strain parameters.

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