Download package of barodesy - ABAQUS umat (source code) and Plaxis dll

Description: Download package of barodesy model. Contains ABAQUS umat (source code), Plaxis UDSM (dll files only, not source code), package documentation in pdf, related journal publication pdf files, examples of Abaqus input files, examples of Plaxis input files. Released under GNU general public licence.

Authors: Authors are researchers from the University of Innsbruck Barbara Schneider-Muntau, Gertraud Medicus, Dimitrios KolymbasWolfgang Fellin and Manuel Bode. Plaxis interface was co-authored by David Mašín.


Associated Software and Constitutive Models

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  1. Marlon Agámez Agámez

    Could you share the dll file for hypoplasticity in Plaxis and/or Flac. Thanks in advance.

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