Download Package for Hypoplastic interface model and UMAT – FRIC interface

Download Package for Hypoplastic interface model and UMAT – FRIC interface

Description: Download Package of frictional interface model by Stutz et al. (2016, 2017) for granular soils based on Hypoplasticity using the hypoplastic UMAT Implementation. Also, interface between UMAT and FRIC standards is included. Description of the implementation and a user manual can be found here.
Authors: The original umat implementation has been developed by Claudio Tamagnini in 2005. Subsequently, it has been developed and updated to new models by David Mašín. The subroutine was then used by Henning Stutz in development of the new interface model implementation.

Associated Software and Constitutive Models

  1. Haibo Jiang
    Haibo Jiang 2 years ago

    Dear Dr. Stutz
    I have read the work “A general approach to model interfaces using existing soil constitutive models – application to hypoplasticity”. One thing that confuses me is that the use of FRIC and UMAT together. It is highly appreciated if you can explain for me.
    According to my understanding, the use of FRIC is capable of describing the frictional behavior of soil-structure interface, however, unable to describe volumetric behavior. In the paper “A general approach to m…“ , the combined use of UMAT on the basis of FRIC seems to reflect the volume behavior.
    However, the use of UMAT should be able to describe both the frictional and volumetric behavior of soil-structure interface elements. Therefore, why use both UMAT and FRIC ?


  2. Giada Orlando
    Giada Orlando 1 year ago

    Hi everyone! Is there an updated version of the 2D/axis-symmetric interface model?

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