I am performing calibration trials for the hypoplastic sand model with the aid of ExCalibre and i was wondering how the deviatoric stresses q for the triaxial test input in ExCalibre are defined, because so far i was not able to come up with good results. Is it q= (Sig1-Sig3) or is it q = (Sig1-Sig3)/2.

Thanks for your help.

  1. Hans Henning Stutz
    Hans Henning Stutz 6 years ago

    Dear Manuel,

    it should be (sig1-sig3) to my knowledge.

    Best regards,
    Hans Henning

  2. David Mašín
    David Mašín 6 years ago

    Dear Manuel, it is q=sig1-sig3 as written by Henning, please refer to Eq. 1 from Roscoe & Burland (1968), downloadable from here: https://soilmodels.com/publications/

  3. Manuel Winkler Author
    Manuel Winkler 6 years ago

    Thank you David and Hans for your comments.

    Your answers help me a lot.

    Regards Manuel

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