On behalf of the team of developers I am happy to announce that, after more than four years of development and testing, ExCalibre has just been launched. ExCalibre is a software for automatic calibration of advanced soil constitutive models. It currently supports sand and clay hypoplastic models and we hope to add other models in the future. As an input, it requires to fill-in experimental data into a simple Excel template and all the rest is automatic. As ExCalibre is an online tool, no installation is needed and thus all users have always access to the most recent version. ExCalibre element test driver is free for everyone, ExCalibre automatic calibration engine is free for all SoilModels members (free registration available here).

We truly believe that ExCalibre will become a game-changer in advanced soil constitutive modelling and, in particular, in its application in daily geotechnical practise. We encourage everyone to try!

ExCalibre – SoilModels Automatic Calibration



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