I am looking for advice on FE formulation and software. I am a recent graduate of MSc Geotechnical Engineering and am looking to do freelance work or possibly undertake a master’s by research dependent on advice received.

I have an interest in the following applications:
– Modelling swelling of cuttings and excavations
-Modelling in-between drained and undrained behaviour by small perturbations eg tailings and Norsand soil model
-Modelling 2D/3D radial consolidation by an appropriate theory such as Rendulic-Terzaghi
-In the distant future I would like to develop site response analysis (cyclic loading)
-I have a preference for critical state soil models just because they may predict unexpected behaviour and are also informative.

I have the following software’s available:
-Code bright
-Plaxis (commercial version)- if I am able to buy at discounted price
-I am willing to undertake some programming but am unsure what languages these software’s are written in.

The advice I am really looking for is to prevent wasted effort – are these applications feasible in the finite element formulation and which software/interface/programming language would be most achievable?
Further to your advice, what timescales/further training would you recommend?

Many thanks for your assistance


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