Dear Professor David,
Thank you very much for your previous clarification. its really helps. In continuation to my previous , there are few more question, i want your kindself to help me understand.
1. In your book you have mentioned that OCR based initiation is usually preferred for softer clay. I have used OCR based initiation but i have read somewhere in comments that undrained shear strength is different for OCR based initiation and void ration based initiation. Would that be a Problem ? Can we show the value of undrained shear strength as state dependent variable?
2. In your online documentation it is written that if initial value of sensitivity is equal to 0 i.e. SDV14=0 than basic model is used. its mean basic hypoplastcity without intergranular stiffness. IS there a need to define initial value of sensitivity in y case ? Do i need to define the parameter of meta-stable structure K, A and Sf in this case ?
3. In the paper it is written that that ” This may imply that the soil simulated by the hypoplastic clay model in this study behaved more stiffly than it did in the centrifuge model test” I ma facing same issue as my lateral pile displacement is too small as compared to the experimental results. Any suggestion to overcome this issue ?
4. As i the stresses in the model were initialized using K0 initialization procedure i.e. be defining the initial geostatic stress and then applying the external gravity . So i have used the following initialization technique for state dependent variables..
Why in our case we are using only vertical component o intergranular stiffness tensor initialization as -R ?
5. Need your guidance on this line mentioned in your paper ”Even though pile–soil tension (due to negative excess pore pressure) at the rear of the pile was ignored in the numerical analysis ”. i.e. we dont considered pile soil interaction at the bottom end of the soil due to negative excess pore pressure ?
6. In order to initialize the state dependent variables mainly the intergranular stiffness , in your SDVININ file there is loop that call SDV1 to SDV6 through Props 22. Can you Please explain whats the role of this loop in the model .
Here it is
if (statev(1) .eq. 0.0d0 .and.
* statev(2) .eq. 0.0d0 .and.
* statev(3) .eq. 0.0d0 .and.
* statev(4).eq. 0.0d0 .and.
* statev(5).eq. 0.0d0 .and.
* statev(6).eq. 0.0d0) then

do i=1,6
statev(i)=props(22+i) ! initialize e3_e3s

end if

if (statev(14) .lt. 0.001) then
end if
Thank you very much professor for your time and effort.



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