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I recently conducted a numerical simulation of pile-soil interaction. I digged a vertical hole and insert the pile into that with general contact. Due to many reasons, I prefer using Abaqus explicit for this simulation.

However, I don’t know how to achieve a correct geostress field. In the Abaqus standard, we just create a step named geostatic and then set the pre-geostress field. In the case of explicit problems, how to do that?

Besides, I plan to use in-build SPH modulus to simulate part of the soil because of lage-deformation problems, are there any methods to obtain the right geostress?

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  1. Wang Shun
    Wang Shun 4 years ago

    Dear Joe

    You may use different ways to apply the geostress. Conducting a pre-simulation using the Elastic model could create a geostress field. In your subsequent simulation, you can import the stress field using the following way.

    *initial conditions,type=stress,input=inistress_geo.txt
    *Initial Conditions, type=STRESS,file=pre_geo, step=1, inc=1

    With regards

    • Joe Chu Author
      Joe Chu 4 years ago

      Dear Wang,

      Thanks for your kind explain.

      Actually, I am conducting simulation coupling with an in-build SPH method, which seems to be hard to apply geostress. Do you have any experience of SPH? After meshes convert to particles, the stress of every particle varies randomly, have you met these problems?

      Many Thanks

    • Kassem Dib
      Kassem Dib 2 years ago

      Dear Wang Shun , i tried use initial stress imported from other odb file, but when running the CEL model, this cannot be read because initial stress field could be apply only to continium elements and not eulerians,do you have any other method?

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