I am entirely new to soil modelling. I want to undertake a thesis on soil modelling. Currently I’ve basic understanding of soil mechanics which is taught at undergraduate level. Can someone guide me to a book or a resource which can help me understand how to work out material properties for different constitutive models, starting from Mohr-Coloumb model. What I might want is a textbook so I can practice if I get the answers right.
Thank you for helping.
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  1. Gertraud Medicus
    Gertraud Medicus 3 years ago

    Hi Osama,

    I can recommend the books by David Muir Wood: ‘Geotechnical Modelling’,
    and ‘Soil Behaviour and Critical State Soil Mechanics’

    Here is the YouTube channel by Nicolas Espinoza (
    with excellent explanations:

    Kind regards, Gertraud

    • Osama Dar Author
      Osama Dar 3 years ago

      Greetings Dr. Medicus
      Thank you so much for taking out time to reply. I will look into these books. The youtube channel looks superb.

  2. Emrecan Güven
    Emrecan Güven 3 years ago

    Hi Osama,

    I would just like to make a small addition to recommendations of Dr. Medicus which helped me a lot as well; (Hardening soil model, parameter determination for sand and clay, comparison of behaviours by different soil models. You may find further webinars based on models and related parameters) ( that might be a good and compacted introduction for soil models and numerical modelling, presented by Prof. Helmut Schweiger ) (Although Dr.Medicus did not refer to her own work, however i would strongly recommend to practice those animations along with Critical state theory and Cam-Clay model. That would help you to progress faster.)

    Kind regards,

  3. Osama Dar Author
    Osama Dar 3 years ago

    Hi Mr. Güven
    Thank you so much for those recommendations. They are really beneficial. Yes Dr. Medicus’ work is amazing. Thank you for helping out!

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