I am studying the behavior of kaolin clay under cyclic loading. The strain rate is kept at such that undrained behavior is maintained. I want to use an advanced constitutive model to predict this behavior, but would first need to calibrate it. I understand that calibration means that I have to input such model parameters with which the model can reasonably predict the testing results. I am using the excellent testing resource on kaolin clay by Dr. Wichtmann (Wichtmann, 2018). I would like to ultimately calibrate the advanced constitutive model using the Soil test feature on Plaxis. But I have no idea how to calibrate a model and it would really help me if you can provide me with some guidance or guide me to resources that can help me to do this. I think starting with a simpler constitutive model will be better (modified cam clay perhaps).
Thank you for reading this post! Your valuable input is much appreciated!
Kind regards
Osama Dar

1.Wichtmann, T. and Triantafyllidis, T., 2018. Monotonic and cyclic tests on kaolin: a database for the development, calibration and verification of constitutive models for cohesive soils with focus to cyclic loading. Acta Geotechnica, 13(5), pp.1103-1128.


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