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I want to model a Sand with Cap plasticity or Drucker Prager failure criterion in ABAQUS, and I have the result of Triaxial test (I’ve attached the result), but it gives me this error that I have to complete the hardening parameters (yield stress and absolute plastic strain) but I don’t have any information about hardening parameter (consolidation result or etc.). What should I do to complete these parameters and have an accurate result?
*drucker prager requires the use of *drucker prager hardening
*cap plasticity requires the use of *cap hardening

Thanks all.

4-2.JPG 2-0.JPG 3-1.JPG

  1. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 4 years ago

    Typical for sand is friction hardening. This is not a standard input in abaqus DP or MC.
    To model sand in abaqus you can use just one friction angle or use usersubroutines (availeble on Soilmodels)

  2. Amir Mohammad Yarahmadi Author

    Thanks Arie Koot

    VIPIN TYAGI 4 years ago

    I am also facing the same problem when I use DP model in #Abaqus. Now I am trying to use Keywords instead of CAE to solve the problem? What initial cap position you had taken? I have taken as 0.

    VIPIN TYAGI 4 years ago

    You have to conduct isotropic consolidation test or do FEM simulation to arrive at Yield Stress vs vol plastic strain curve and the same you can fill in the property file of soil in ABAQUS.

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