1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 6 years ago

    Dear Naveen,
    Here is the model profile page
    and in the download section you find two different umat implementations. Is this what you need? Or you have particular problem in Abaqus 6.13? In that case, someone using this Abaqus version would have to respond.

  2. Frank Richter
    Frank Richter 6 years ago


    subscribe to and seek assistance from the
    ABAQUS mailing list
    Search the archive of the list before posting in it.
    The list does not accept attachments.

    or from the ResearchGate discussion forum.

    For advice on mechanics in general, including modeling,
    you can consult

    If you need subroutines: as an introduction get the file
    http://imechanica.org/files/Writing User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

    Simulia Learning Community

    Good luck


  3. MohamadReza Kamali
    MohamadReza Kamali 5 years ago

    Hello everybody,
    I’m trying to use hyposand in abaqus. i have some trouble.
    1- it seem’s the model is just usable for saturated sands. doesn’t it? i tried to model dry layers above to water table by putting Bulk_w as zero. but very large displacement at that layer occurred.
    2- is it possible to define initial pore pressure or it just developed for excess pore pressure calculation? if it’s possible, it’s should be defined in sdivini or in umat subroutine?
    3- is the vumat-umat interface that uploaded in the site compatible whit each umat in the site?
    with regards

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