1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 4 years ago

    “Elasto-plastic” people call it recent stress history, “hypoplastic” people call it intergranular strain, but this is the same thing at the end. This is already shown in the original intergranular strain concept paper, which you can download from SoilModels database: Niemunis, A. and Herle I. (1997) Hypoplastic model for cohesionless soils with elastic strain range. Mechanics of Cohesive-Frictional Materials 2: 279–299

  2. Hashmi Sohawon Author
    Hashmi Sohawon 4 years ago

    Thanks for the response David.

    I asked the above question because I used Triax to reproduce a drained contant p’ triaxial test with stress reversals (90, 0, -90 and 180 degrees), and the results did not match too well with the triaxial data after calibrating the required parameters. However, the hypoplastic model has given me much better results of surface settlement behind wall and ground heave, when I backanalysed a retaining wall centrifuge test using FE.

    I am trying to obtain an estimate of the calculated Su profile with depth in my FE model. Can you please advise how I should do it using the outputs of the hypoplastic analysis? I could only find Equation 6.22 in your textbook in relation to Su.

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