Hi everyone, i am modeling laterally loaded monopile using abaqus, My 3d model looks like this, only half of the model is simulated, symmetry boundary conditions is applied to the sym plane.
I have calibrated the Hypopalstic sand model to match some published lab tests as you can see on the figure, the soil is quiet stiff (G0=60000 at 50 kpa confining pressure).
interface is simulated using contact penalty with a coefficient of 0.4
The load is applied at the top of the monopile
3 Steps are defined : 1 and 2 are load initialization, and 3 is where the lateral load is being applied.
Both soil and pile are simulated using C3D8 elements.
when I run the simulation, I get a convergence problem after few itterations, no error message in particular (except the ‘too many attempts made for this increment’)
i have tried with elastic material and it works perfectly, so I am wondering if the problem is with the Hypoplastic sand model

job-2.PNG monopile-0.PNG model_calibration-1.PNG


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