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Just a short question on the modification of the intergranular strain concept proposed by Wegener & Herle (2014) to limit strain accumulation. In terms of the numerical implementation of this change, is that as simple as changing the “chi” parameter in the original umat (line 878) into a new parameter? Or is there something more I should be thinking of as well?

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  1. Jannik Beuße
    Jannik Beuße 4 years ago

    Hi Piotr,

    as it’s written in Wegener & Herle in another publication of 2013 you just need to need to change the Chi of the last term of the equation (see Wegener & Herle, 2013 – equ. 6) for positive Distortion rate into an upsilon. It must be checked that the resulting strain does not get negative depending on the value of upsilon as we found out for cyclic analyses with gravel.


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