Hi All,
I am currently working on a research problem involving the implementation of the SANISAND04 UMAT (Soil models) in Abaqus for embankment analysis. While I have successfully tested the UMAT for a single element, I am encountering difficulties applying it to the entire embankment model. Specifically, the simulation gets stuck after a few iterations (images attached).

Queries I had were:

1. Can’t we use the Sanisand model’s Umat without using pre-defined fields in Abaqus? If so, can someone show me a way?
2. If pre-defined fields are necessary for running the job with Umat, what stresses would one define on the top and bottom of the embankment? (As per my idea: Zero on top; (Weight of embankment/plan area of the embankment) at the bottom; However, it’s still not working)
3. Are there any Common troubleshooting steps for UMAT convergence issues in embankment simulations?

I would be grateful for any guidance or suggestions I receive to help diagnose and resolve this issue.


Error-sta-file-of-BVP-1.PNG Typical-Sketch-of-BVP-0.png


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