Hi Prof. Masin ,
It is related to my previous post.
Sorry to bother you again. I simulated Oedometer test in Plaxis as well as centrifuge reloading (using HP clay model). Both simulations show that during reloading K0 is less than K0nc.
This paper presented K0 in centrifuge “Effect of Overconsolidation on K0 in Centrifuge Models Using CPT and Tactile Pressure Sensor:. It show that reloading K0 is always larger than K0nv while much less than unloading K0. Also Schmidt proposed equation (shown in attached photo) show that K0 for reloading always higher than K0nc. On the other hand, HP model show K0 for reloading is less than K0nc (oedometer and centrifuge reloading). Please have a look on the attached results and give your feedback. Is it possible K0for reloading becomes less than K0nc? May I know which equation is being used in HP model for K0 prediction?

Plaxis-Oedometer-0.jpg Centrfiuge-model-reloading-K0-1.jpg


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