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  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 11 months ago

    Hi Ala,
    You did not give us enough information on what you need.
    So you try to build your own element test driver in matlab with hypoplasticity, right?
    We do not know whether
    (you have functional driver, but you have problem in hypoplasticity implementation)
    (you have functional driver and hypoplasticity implementation, but triaxial test simulation does not work)
    (you have nothing)
    Let us know,

  2. Ala Aljorany Author
    Ala Aljorany 11 months ago

    Thank you dear David for your prompt response. Yes, I’m trying to build a Matlab m file implementing the hypoplasticity constitutive relation to simulate an element triaxial test but I’m not professional neither in Matlab or in Hypoplasticity. My problem is the implementation the hypoplasticity tensorial equations in Matlab, especially when strain softening is considered. I am looking for a sample m.file in this respect.

  3. Ala Aljorany Author
    Ala Aljorany 10 months ago

    Dear David, I’m afraid that the link you sent doesn’t work!! I received the following message when I tried to download:
    “Sorry! Download is not available yet.”
    Best regards.

    • David Mašín
      David Mašín 10 months ago

      I see, it should be OK now.

      • Ala Aljorany Author
        Ala Aljorany 10 months ago

        Thank you so much dear David, I’ll try to figure out what is going on, although it is not (simple), at least for me!!
        Best regards.

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