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I am using the UMAT of hypoplastic model for simulation soil (3D modeling) under cyclic loading. The analysis was completed at geostatic step. But for consolidation step (soil, transient), the analysis was not completed. But this problem was vanish when change constitutive model of soil to Mohr Coulumb model. On other hand, and using hypoplastic model, the analysis was carried out if the step was either static general or soil (steady state). I want to use the hypoplasic model to simulate the increasing of pore pressure due cyclic load.
How to solve this problem (complete analysis in consolidation step by using hypoplastic model) please?

  1. Frank Richter
    Frank Richter 5 years ago


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  2. David Mašín
    David Mašín 5 years ago

    Hi, this is difficult to judge and to explain just by forum comments. In any case, please notice that hypoplasticity is highly non-linear model and it may require more special treatment then Mohr-Coulomb: state variables and parameters need to be set properly, calculation step must be small enough, etc. You should first try with more standard drained or undrained analysis and then move to transient analysis.

  3. Naif Alsanabani Author
    Naif Alsanabani 5 years ago

    Dear Prof. David Mašín
    Thanks for your helping.

    Best regards.

    Naif Mohammed

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