Free SoilModels automatic calibration software ExCalibre, available at,, now supports Modified Cam clay model. This is both for laboratory test simulation as well as for automatic calibration. We hope this will be useful.
ExCalibre Team

camlcay3-2.png camclay2-1.png camclay1-0.png

  1. Mehtab Alam
    Mehtab Alam 5 years ago

    Hello, Dear David Mašín,
    Can you provide me the Matlab driver for the Modified Cam Clay model?

    • David Mašín Author
      David Mašín 5 years ago

      I have now included Modified Cam clay and also SANISAND into Matlab driver package at Note that this is the original implementation by Claudio Tamagnini from the ALERT Olek Zienkiewicz course in 2012 and has not been tested since then. Regards

  2. Mehtab Alam
    Mehtab Alam 5 years ago

    I found that. Thank you. It will be helpful for me.

  3. Mehtab Alam
    Mehtab Alam 4 years ago

    Dear David Mašín,
    Thank you for providing the simulation codes, there is one question, is there any such implementation codes are available for composite material i.e Fiber reinforced soil or cement stabilized soil

  4. David Mašín Author
    David Mašín 4 years ago

    Hi Methab, the materials you mention are more complicated and model calibration could hardly be automatised this way. You can use ExCalibre to calibrate the primary soil and add reinforcement by calibration of the “pt” parameter (cohesion) which is present in finite element code implementations. But this would require to have experiments available and calibration would take more time to set it all up.

  5. Tekial Tesfay
    Tekial Tesfay 4 years ago

    Hello, Dear David Mašín,
    Can you help me on how to model the suction behavior of unsaturated soils subjected to dynamic loads using the plaxis 3D. by incorporating the Barcelona basic model

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