Hi all,

We are happy to announce that the Excalibre team received support from the research grant GACR 22-12178S to further develop the calibration software, which is freely available at soilmodels.com/excalibre. Below, you will find new features available since the last update released few days ago.

Most importantly:

  • it is now possible to automatically calibrate also Mohr-Coulomb model, which is a useful reference for more advanced models.
  • You can calibrate more models at the same time and thus directly copare their predictive capabilities as all predictions are shown in the same graphs
  • You can fix values of some parameters in the case you know them better and let ExCalibre optimise only the remaining ones. This is different than the “recalculate” feature, where all parameters are calibrated automatically and you recalculate the test by manually changing their values (without any further optimisation). The “recalculate” feature also remains avaiable.

More details and some screenshots are available in pdf at this link: ExCalibre January 2023 release features




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