1. Hans Henning Stutz
    Hans Henning Stutz 1 year ago

    Dear Mohammad,

    Did you tried to contact the developer of the model? (kziotopoulou at ucdavis.edu)
    and https://pm4sand.engr.ucdavis.edu

    It would be helpful to be more detailed, what does not work, or were you are struggeling?

    Kind regards,
    Hans Henning

    • Mohammad Zarrabi Author
      Mohammad Zarrabi 1 year ago

      Dear Hans Henning,

      Thank you for your response and sorry for my late reply. Yes, I did contact developers, but I have found them busy to take a look at my implementation.

      I have been trying to make my implementation work for an undrained cyclic DSS response with a simple sinusoidal loading. It would better to say, I have been trying to match my simulation results with those shown in Figure 2.7 of the Version3.1 of the PM4SAND report (with DR=35%, σ’vo= 100 kPa, K0= 0.5, α=0).

      My problem is that only the first 2 cycles works and the other cycles are not matching those of the report.

      I was wondering if I have the chance to contact you and discuss it more in detail?

      With best,

  2. Hans Henning Stutz
    Hans Henning Stutz 1 year ago

    Dear Mohammad,

    I’m not an expert for PM4Sand but I can try to help you. HHS at eng dot au dot dk is my email.

    Best regards,
    Hans Henning

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