I am using SaniSand constitutive model, for the simulation of the behavior of onshore wind turbine using plaxis 3d. The dll file published in the website request the determination of one model among 10 other models. I choose the first one and fill the parameters values according to the pdf included in the downloaded file. the soil test module shows illogic results (Eoed = 9e10), units are all correct but i thing there is a problem in the order of parameters since they are not named explicitly as in the case of hypoplasticity model. Any one has an idea about that ?


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  1. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 2 years ago

    Dear Kassem,

    When I use your props I get an Eoed of around 1.2e8.
    When you look at the formular it’s logic:
    and because nu is very little Eoed is around 2*Gt and sqrt(pp*p_a) is around 50 at the end
    parm 06 (Me) is 0. Is not logic but for Eoed not needed, but when I use exactly zero then my code doesn’t work proper


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