Publication Database has just been launched at SoilModels. Its aim is to collect papers, theses or presentations associated with constitutive models available in Constitutive Model Database. These papers will also appear in the Reference section of each constitutive model entry. Everyone is invited to contribute to the database!

In addition to these, we are happy to provide two milestone papers related to soil constitutive modelling: Mohr (1900) paper defining Mohr-Coulomb model (thanks to Dr. Maria Datcheva for sending me a hardcopy) and Roscoe and Burland (1968) paper defining Modified Cam-clay model.

After reading the papers, please notice that Mohr-Coulomb model (now 118 years old) is still by far the most widely used model in geotechnical applications and Modified Cam-Clay model (now 50 years old) is often considered as “advanced” model by practitioners. We at SoilModels hope to help to change this situation.




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