Numerical simulation of multi‐physics phenomena in geotechnical structures
Complete and thorough analysis of geotechnical structures, requires various complex materials models with internal structures, which cannot be described by the classical continuum. Theoretical mathematical models of porous mediums consisting of solid, liquid and gas phases have to be used. Except for simple mechanical analysis, the transport of moisture is an inseparable part of the analysis of geotechnical structures. In more complicated cases, transport of the heat and chemical behaviour must be added and the analysis becomes truly multi‐physics. Coupling the mechanical behaviour, transport of moisture, heat and other phenomena may be at a different level.

This special issue is intended for contributions concerning one or more following topics: hydro‐mechanical; thermomechanical; and hydro‐thermo‐mechanical analysis of geotechnical structures. As well as the development of the material models used in the analysis, space and time discretization of the governing equations, computer implementation and its optimization are relevant to this special issue.

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