We are currently seeking to hire summer interns in the area of geotechnical engineering, mechanical engineering with background in particle (soil) mechanics and computational continuum modeling at the Department of Bioenergy Technologies Department of Idaho National Laboratory. The Expected period starts from middle of May to middle of August. Extended internship support in the following Fall semester can be considered if the chosen interns successfully complete the summer internship.

Biomass energy constitute a great share of renewable energy profile. One of the biggest challenges in Bioenergy industry is that the feedstock flow in hoppers and feeding augers based on conventional designs and operating conditions suffer from plugging, jamming and rat-holing. To tackle this challenge, we employ advanced soil (particle) constitutive models to simulate the bulk flow behavior in hopper, with constitutive parameters calibrated from experimental ring shear and consolidation tests. We will use Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian technique or Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method implemented in Abaqus to perform finite element simulations.

PhD student in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Has knowledge about critical state soil(particle) mechanics and has experiences in finite element simulation.

Work Place:
Idaho National Laboratory is owned by US Department of Energy with one of its mission to enable clean energy deployment. Located in Idaho Falls, which is a fantastic place to carry out world-leading and fundamental research. In addition, Idaho Falls is within the driven distance of Yellow Stone and Grand Teton National Parks.

To be considered, please send your CV to wencheng.jin@inl.gov. The review of application will be immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Feel Free to contact Dr. Jin for more information.

Wencheng Jin, Ph.D.
Bioenergy Technologies, EES&T
Idaho National Laboratory
Tel: (208) 526-3931
Email: wencheng.jin@inl.gov
Web: https://sites.google.com/view/wenchengjin


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