I am happy to announce that our pre-print paper, “The GA-cal software for the automatic calibration of soil constitutive laws: a tutorial and a user manual”, is available on researchgate (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/365784111_The_GA-cal_software_for_the_automatic_calibration_of_soil_constitutive_laws_a_tutorial_and_a_user_manual) and Axive (https://arxiv.org/abs/2211.13652).

This work provides a user guide and a simple tutorial of GA-cal, a Fortran software for automatically calibrating constitutive laws using Genetic Algorithms (GA) optimization. Currently, the code allows the calibration of the Sand Hypoplastic law, proposed by von Wolffersdorff, with the oedometer and triaxial drained test data. The implemented subroutines can be easily extended to solve other regression or optimization problems, including different tests and constitutive models.

The source code and the presented tutorial are freely available at https://github.com/FraJoMen/GA-cal.

  1. Abolfazl Najafi
    Abolfazl Najafi 1 year ago

    Excellent, Congrats.
    We look forward to seeing this code’s development that is applicable to more models.

  2. Francisco Mendez Author
    Francisco Mendez 1 year ago

    Thank you very much !! It is free software, so you can contribute to its development if you want. Hopefully, with someone’s help, we will soon be able to make it compliant with the Abacus UMATs

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