1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 5 years ago

    Dear Naif,
    There are several of them at SoilModels, for example here: https://soilmodels.com/download/plaxis-umat-hypoplas-zip/
    Please check our model database.
    Regards David

  2. Naif Alsanabani Author
    Naif Alsanabani 5 years ago

    Thank you Prof. David. I got your points

  3. Mahmoud Hamed
    Mahmoud Hamed 5 years ago

    It will be different if i used this UMAT with ABAQUS or it is the same either for PLAXIS or ABAQUS ?
    I am asking this question because i made the model in ABAQUS using this UMAT for TRIAXIAL Test Where:

    1- Axial load was defined as a displacement of the max deformation of the sample given from the Experimental results of the TRIAXIAL Test.
    2- I drew my sample using Axisymmetric on ABAQUS.
    3- Confining Pressure 50Kpa.
    4- Granular Soil ( SAND).
    and after running, the result was unlogic for me because the sample had been elongated and i am sure for the signs of the loads and the Boundary Conditions !
    what is your Opinion ? what should i check else for correct Simulation

    Thanks in Advance
    Best Regards,
    Mahmoud HAMED
    3Sr Laboratoire , Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), France

    • David Mašín
      David Mašín 5 years ago

      Plaxis needs specific user defined routine, but our approach is that we coded an interface, calling umat of Abaqus and sending data to Plaxis. Thus, the computational core is the same. Of course, it is up to you to make sure sign convention is adopted properly etc, this is out of the scope of this forum. You may even first test it using elastic umat, which comes in Abaqus manual, and only then move to more complex hypoplastic model. Regards

  4. Pouya Zahedi
    Pouya Zahedi 1 week ago

    We have SCLAY-1S Soil model in Plaxis. Do you have it’s UMAT file?

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