New version of SANISAND umat, including interface for Plaxis, is now available in Download section (

Original implementation has been developed by M. Martinelli, C. Miriano and C. Tamagnini in 2013.

This updated version of umat, together with Plaxis interface, was programmed by by myself in 2015 under kind support of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Special thanks to Prof. Lizhong Wang and to a. Prof. Yi Hong for releasing the implementation to SoilModels users.

  1. Siavash Vahidi
    Siavash Vahidi 6 years ago

    Dear David,

    Thank you very much for including your code here. I have a quick question and I would appreciate it if you could guide me with that. I have downloaded the UMAT and get errors while I can run other simple UMATs without a problem. Do you have any samples that have already be run so I can verify if there is any problems with my Abaqus?


    • David Mašín Author
      David Mašín 6 years ago

      Hi Siavash,
      It seems to me you might have some problem with state variable initiation, these advanced models are sensitive on it. I can actually not help with umat used in Abaqus itself, I was using it in Plaxis, run through interface included in the download package. However, if you read this post and related discussion: it seems the others have run it successfully in Abaqus. If your problems persist, you may make contact them through forum or SoilModels messaging system.
      Regards David

    MOHD SAQIB 5 years ago

    Hi David and Siavash,
    Can you please give some more details on Sani SAND MODEL. I have started to understand but stuck somewhere in code. Could you please help. I will highly appreciate that.


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