Geotechnical software and constitutive model database has just been launched at SoilModels.

  • Constitutive Model Database lists constitutive models registered in SoilModels database. Constitutive models are added upon request of users. Constitutive models which are either fully docummented including their mathematical formulation in publicly available article/report, or whose computer implementation is publicly available including source code, are eligible for listing in SoilModels database.
  • Software Database lists Finite Element Codes and Calibration Software registered in SoilModels database. Software, including commercial finite element codes, is added upon request of users free of charge. Only codes which either accept user-defined constitutive models, or which have advanced models available internally, are eligible for listing in SoilModels database. Any model above linear elastic perfectly plastic is considered as “advanced”.

With this new functionality, users can select a constitutive model and they will directly see in which finite and single element codes this model is available, without having to study manuals. Vice versa, users can check which models are available in various finite element codes. Database will immediately list associated SoilModels downloads and Forum Posts related to these database items. Enjoy!


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