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I am attempting to utilize the triax driver for simulating cyclic triaxial tests. However, I have been unable to locate the command for conducting cyclic tests within the manual. Nevertheless, in the paper titled “Inspection of four advanced constitutive models for fine-grained soils under monotonic and cyclic loading” by Duque, J. et al. (Acta Geotech. 17, 4395–4418, 2022), it is mentioned that cyclic tests using the A3-SKH model were simulated. Could someone kindly assist me in providing the relevant command for this?

Furthermore, in the 2005 manual, it is noted that “Not all laboratory tests are available yet for hypoplastic models.” If it is indeed feasible to simulate cyclic triaxial tests, would it be possible to utilize the “hypoplasti_clay_anisot_istrain” model?

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  1. Jose Duque
    Jose Duque 5 months ago

    Dear Konstantinos,

    I sent you a message with the commands for that


  2. Kanika Lamba
    Kanika Lamba 5 months ago

    Hello @Jose, Can you please help me out with the same.

    • Abhay Pratap Singh
      Abhay Pratap Singh 5 months ago

      Hello dear Konstantinos Chatzis, could you share with me the same comand for cyclic triaxial test I am also facing the same issue during simulation. My mail id is “”.
      Thanks for consideration.

  3. Giovanni Ciardi
    Giovanni Ciardi 5 months ago

    Could please the relevant commands asked for in the above question be made available in the site as an answer of public domain?

  4. Konstantinos Chatzis Author
    Konstantinos Chatzis 5 months ago


    The command for specifying cyclic loads for rate independent constitutive models is the following:
    stage 10 triax_undrained q 0.0001 -40 40 -40 40 -40 40 -40 40 -40 40

    In stage 10 a stress-controlled cycles test is specified. The deviator stress initially goes to -40 kPa (compression), then to 40 kPa (extension) and so on. This procedure can be repeated for as many cycles as you want.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

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