A new element test driver named “Triax” has been included into the list of calibration software available at https://soilmodels.com/triax including source code and pre-compiled Windows and Linux executables. I have been using this software since 2001 for development and calibration of constitutive models and comparison of predictive capabilities of various models. It is one of many inhouse element test drivers, but I thought it could be useful for some users, mainly for the following two reasons:

  • Apart of standard laboratory test simulations, it is capable of simulating more advanced tests (such as thermo-hydro-mechanical tests on unsaturated soils or rate-dependent testing), can be used for plotting response envelopes, yield surfaces of elasto-plastic models and asymptotic state boundary surfaces of hypoplastic models, etc.
  • I always take care of backward-compatibility, so in principle any simulations from my past journal publications can be still calculated using current version of the software. Triax is distributed along with input files associated with different journal publications, so anyone can test the simulations himself, try the effect of parameter change and (if interested) investigate or adjust the computer code. Initially, I included input files associated with two papers, which I found the most representative, later I will be adding other input files (requests are welcome)!

For the list of implemented constitutive models and laboratory tests see description at https://soilmodels.com/triax.

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  1. Zhandos Orazalin
    Zhandos Orazalin 7 years ago

    Thank you very much!

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