The Tochnog Professional finite element program is now available as free version with 100 elements. It can be downloaded without registration from

Several commercial and free pre- and postprocessors can be used for mesh generation and results visualisation. Tochnog Professional contains typical calculation options for soils and rocks like elastic and elasto-plastic laws, multilaminates, groundwater, thermal calculations, interaction analysis, excavations, automatic soil depositing etc. Besides the classical elasto-plasticity models, Tochnog Professional has many recent hypoplastic laws readily build in. As an extra option user supplied umat.f routines in Abaqus format can be linked.

Tochnog Professional offers a high degree of flexibility to do geotechnical calculations, where purely GUI based software may be troublesome to apply. Thus the 100 elements free version may be of interest to students, researchers and others to build up experience with advanced geotechnical calculations with recent soil models.

The picture shows a slope instability calculation using a nonlocal visco-plastic law with adaptive mesh refinement based on plastic strains.



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