Hi everyone
When I use sanisand model in abaqus , This error is seen
Can anyone help?
Other subroutines work well for me
Is it possible for my input parameters to be wrong?
I tried to use the proposed parameters of sanisand (pdf)

The executable standard.exe aborted with system error code 1073741819. Please check the .dat, .msg, and .sta files for error messages if the files exist. If there are no error messages and you cannot resolve the problem, please run the command “abaqus job=support information=support” to report and save your system information. Use the same command to run Abaqus that you used when the problem occurred. Please contact your local Abaqus support office and send them the input file, the file support.log which you just created, the executable name, and the error code.


  1. Zhenhao Shi
    Zhenhao Shi 5 years ago

    Hi mj,

    I have seen this error code when the umat exits the computation that is triggered when predefined conditions in UMAT are met (e.g., the stress point is outside the yield surface). I think the best way to find what is wrong is to let your umat print relevant information to a given log file when an error occurs

    Hope this can help.


  2. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 5 years ago

    G0 looks to me a 1000 times to big.
    G0 is a dimensionless parameter
    Shear modulus is calculated as below (copy past form Fortran code)


  3. Frank Richter
    Frank Richter 5 years ago


    subscribe to and seek assistance from the
    ABAQUS mailing list
    Search the archive of the list before posting in it.
    The list does not accept attachments.

    Get the file
    http://imechanica.org/files/Writing User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

    Good luck


  4. Mj Saffarian Author
    Mj Saffarian 5 years ago

    Thank you all
    This problem has been resolved.
    But now, after completing the work, it does not show colorful contours and charts

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