With the release of PLAXIS 2D 2018, a new User Defined Soil Model for liquefaction analysis is introduced, the PM4Sand model (Boulanger & Ziotopoulou, 2017).

The PM4Sand model is defined in the framework of the stress-ratio controlled, critical state compatible, bounding surface plasticity model for sand by Dafalias & Manzari (2004). The model successfully simulates material behavior of sands in dynamic loading, including the pore pressure generation, liquefaction and post-liquefaction phenomena. It is a very attractive model for the industry due to a small number of parameters to be calibrated, mostly related to the usually available data in the design practice. Note that this model has currently only been tested and validated for 2D applications.

You can use the PM4 Sand model now in PLAXIS 2D 2018 is a full 2D dynamic analysis plus you can use the PLAXIS Soiltest program to calibrate the model parameters for the PLAXIS 2D Finite Element calculations.
New in PLAXIS 2D 2018 is also the combination of a Dynamic analysis combined with consolidation!

For more info and to obtain the model, please go here: https://communities.bentley.com/products/geotech-analysis/w/plaxis-soilvision-wiki/46105/udsm-pm4sand

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  1. Zeynep Merve Ürkmez
    Zeynep Merve Ürkmez 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m using PM4Sand for my Phd. Thesis. But first, I need to prove that I can use plaxis PM4Sand for pipelines. Can anyone suggest me any references with lab test and numerical modelling so I can model and check?

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