Hi all!
I am modelling some triaxial compressions in ABAQUS with Weald Clay. The constitutive law i am using is the clay hypoplasticity by Mašín. When running the program using a subroutine i get the follwing error message in the .dat file: ” ***ERROR: THERE ARE INSUFFICIENT DATA CARDS TO DEFINE THE 16 SOLUTION DEPENDENT VARIABLES FOR ELSET ALL “.
The model is a single-element-test. All my programs are running on Windows 10.

Thank you for your support!

  1. Jasmine Lokesh
    Jasmine Lokesh 4 years ago

    Hello Mr. Lukas,

    Are you sure that you have defined sufficient number of spaces for the state variables (Depvar) in the material definition?

    • Lukas Reindl Author
      Lukas Reindl 4 years ago

      Hello Ms. Lokesh,

      we solved the problem and you are right: All spaces of state variables have to be defined – even if the parameters are zero. And the number of parameters in one row is 8.

      Thank you for your reply!

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