I am trying to reproduce a TX monotonic, compressive test on a sand by using a 1-element, axisymmetric ABAQUS FE model, assigned to a SANISAND material. For this purpose, I am using a umat subroutine that is made available at soilmodels.com

In the ABAQUS model, I have set a material with 36 “depvar” state variables and 19 “user material – mechanical” parameters, as suggested by the documentation of the package. The only additional feature I set to the material is the density, set = 1 (ton/m^3). The adopted element type is axisymmetric stress, hybrid formulation (CAX4H). Two steps of analysis are set, static general. A confinement load of 100 (kPa) is applied to the two boundaries of the soil element throughout a “confinement” and a “shear” static steps of analysis. During the “shear” step, I applied a vertical (axial) displacement of the upper boundary of the sample, producing a deviatoric stress.
I properly linked the subroutine to the job in the “General” option of the job menu.
When I run the job, an error occurs before the analysis is run reporting “Abaqus/Standard Analysis exited with an error – Please see the message file for possible error messages if the file exists.”

What could the problem be? Thanks to anyone who could help in troubleshooting.


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