I am using SANISAND to simulate a triaxial compression test under monotonic loading. But every time my simulations break and give the same message “Abaqus/Implicit Packager exited with an error – Please see the status file for possible error messages if the file exists.” There is no message file to look for the specific problem.
Is it has to do anything with the new Intel one API software? Recently, I have been upgraded to ABAQUS 2019. But previously, when tried with the Abaqus 2014 version, the program ran successfully. I am not sure whether it has anything to do with the software configuration.
Can anyone please suggest a solution? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  1. Anis Kheffache
    Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

    Dear sudipta,
    I am actually encountering the same issue with hypoplasticity for sand model, the program compiles but then stops without any error file and I was thinking about posting here too.

    • Sudipta Bhowmick Author
      Sudipta Bhowmick 3 years ago

      Let me know if you can figure out something. I will also post here if I can find any solution.
      Thank you.

      • MOHD SAQIB
        MOHD SAQIB 3 years ago

        You have upgraded the Abaqus version. The same batch file of Abq14 will not work for Abq16. You just check and change the batch file.

  2. Sudipta Bhowmick Author
    Sudipta Bhowmick 3 years ago

    I am using Abaqus 19 with intel one API. Can you please tell me the procedure for changing the batch file? Thank you.

  3. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 3 years ago

    for me oneAPI only works when I add next compiler command


    subroutine umat(………

    If you use more subroutines you have to modify them too.

    • Sudipta Bhowmick Author
      Sudipta Bhowmick 3 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. Can you share the screenshot of the command file? I never use the command window before to RUN the UMAT file.

      • Anis Kheffache
        Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

        i have sent you a link that explains how to add this line

  4. Anis Kheffache
    Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

    you do it for the stvarini subroutine also ?

  5. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 3 years ago

    no, only for standard abaqus subroutines like umat , usdfld ect

    • Sudipta Bhowmick Author
      Sudipta Bhowmick 3 years ago

      I tried what you suggested but still facing the same problem. I have the same error message. Do you have any other suggestions.
      Thanks in advance.

  6. Anis Kheffache
    Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

    Hi Arie, thanks for your comment, this does not solve my provlem though, the code is compiling, but the analysis is aborted.

  7. Anis Kheffache
    Anis Kheffache 3 years ago

    Hi all, small update, the problem seems to be the latest fortran compiler oneAPI, the umat works fine using the known parallel studio. this is actually a known issue with the latest released compiler, researchers are complaining on a daily basis on the intel website.

  8. Riccardo Zabatta
    Riccardo Zabatta 3 years ago

    Hi, same problem here. I have Intel OneAPI, VS 2019 and Abaqus 2020 installed on my computer.
    Abaqus command shows the compiler is present, when I query *abaqus info=system*
    Same for *abaqus verify -user_std*, the check reports “pass”.

    Then, when I run an attempt for a subroutine, the job aborts and no message file is available.

    • Kassem Dib
      Kassem Dib 2 years ago

      Dear Riccardo.. I am facing the same problem, the fortran subroutine codes works well with intel parallel compiler, but “Abaqus/Standards existed with an error” message appears whene using Abaqus 2021 with OneAPI Compiler.

      • Riccardo Zabatta
        Riccardo Zabatta 1 year ago

        @Kassem, be sure you are correctly initialising the state variables in your UMAT. I think the problem I was facing might be related to this incorrect initialisation process.

        For example, the SANISAND Abaqus package available here on soilmodels.com contains a “StVarIni.for” file that initialises the 36 state variables that the UMAT requires to run the model. You can either copy the “StVarIni” code and paste it to the UMAT file, right after the first commented lines; or you can create a new fortran file that “calls” StVarIni and then the UMAT and link this last fortran file to the abaqus run.

  9. Ashesh Choudhury
    Ashesh Choudhury 1 year ago

    @Sudipta Bhowmick were you able to solve the issue?

  10. Ashesh Choudhury
    Ashesh Choudhury 1 year ago

    Dear Ricardo, were you able to run using the process described by you? Can you please explain in a little more detail as to where I should paste it?

  11. Zhenyu Liu
    Zhenyu Liu 1 year ago

    To be honest, this kind of error messages could also be caused by some wrong settings in Abaqus. For example, wrong pre-difined field or wrong material parameters. Because you happened to invoke the user material subroutine, the simulation aborted, and you thought the abortion was caused by the user subroutine.

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