The constitutive models PM4Sand (Boulanger and Ziotopoulou 2017) and PM4Silt (Boulanger and Ziotopoulou 2018) for plane-strain earthquake engineering applications for sands, and clays and low-plasticity silts respectively are now available through Soilmodels. The links provided lead to the websites of the two models where users can find their manuals, the dlls (compiled dynamic link libraries for use with FLAC8 with cppudm and dynamic options), some example single-element drivers for four different loading conditions, as well as pertinent publications that demonstrate their use in different applications.

  1. Paul Le Roux
    Paul Le Roux 2 years ago

    Hi Katerina

    Do you have any plans of implementing PM4Sand and PM4Silt into the upcoming FLAC2D 10.0 update?

    Unfortunately I only have access to a trial of FLAC 8.1 until the new version releases and it appears that a lot of the code and fish functions will be updated. I fear that the UDMMs will not be compatible with the new version.

    I have been playing with the PM4Sand UDMM and the auto drivers you wrote to try and calibrate some CDSS tests on gold tailings (incidentally are there CDSS auto drivers written for PM4Silt?). Thanks a lot for the great contributions!


  2. Katerina Ziotopoulou Author
    Katerina Ziotopoulou 2 years ago

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks for the post and the kind words.
    You are right. UDMs will not be compatible. Not even udms compatible with FLAC3D Version 7. Yes, I am already working on it. My only obstacle right now is that Itasca (at least in the beta version I tried in the summer) had not updated the MSVC libraries for compiling udms for FLAC2D and there was no final formal manual for me to understand a bit more about the zones and subzones in order to appropriately handle the mixed discretization. Once they release that, Ross and I should be relatively quick to release a udm and then update all the drivers and figures etc.
    I am also working on the autodrivers for PM4Silt. Will post on my github when done and share news on LinkedIn and twitter.

    Warm regards,

  3. Paul Le Roux
    Paul Le Roux 1 year ago

    Hi Katerina

    Have you had a chance to look at the new Itasca Suite V9? I have had some time with the new FLAC2D and it was pleasantly familiar to me coming from FLAC3D v7.

    Having looked into it further, I now better understand your comment regarding handling the mixed discretization in FLAC2D. I suspect (or hope at least) that building UDMs for the new FLAC2D will follow the same principles as that of FLAC3D (even the older v7) and omitting the third coordinate where appropriate, since the 2D and 3D versions share the same models.

    Are there still plans to work on a PM4Silt UDM for the newer version of FLAC2D?

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