I have been a =n user of the open source version of Tochnog for since 2004. I have been one of the maintainers and have contributed to the capabilities of the progrm. I have started using the Professional version of Tochnog and was converting the open source version of some transient groundflow problem that I have been modeling but realized that I cannot get the groundflow velocities to print. I have written to Dennis Roddemann about this current issue but he must be very busy because he has not responded yet.

I have been trying to model a transient salt water disposal problem. This involves high pressure salt water injection into a deep well reservoir. The salt water is produced when Oil is produced and environmental regulations require that the salt water must be recovered and reinjected.

I was able to model the problem using the open source using


in the header, and specifying

group_type 0 -groundflow -materi
groundflow_density 0.0378 (lb/in^3)
group_groundflow_capacity 0 7.0427e-07 (density x gravity x porosity x Compressibility [1/in])
group_groundflow_materidivergence 0 -yes
group_groundflow_permeability 0 3.76639E-05 3.76639E-05 3.76639E-05 (in/s)
group_groundflow_porosity 0 0.15
group_materi_density 0 0.0378 (lb/in^3)
group_materi_viscosity 0 3.6086e-05

the GiD post processing files contained both the pressure and the velocity distribution for the time intervals specified.
I wanted to calculate the flow into the reservoir by using the groundflow velocities and was able to get flowrates in line with actual measurements. However, when I converted the problem to the professional version using



group_type 0 -groundflow -materi
groundflow_density 0.0378 (lb/in^3)
group_groundflow_capacity 0 2.9187E-05 (density x gravity x porosity x Compressibility [1/in])
group_groundflow_permeability 0 6.52149E-05 6.52149E-05 6.52149E-05 (in/s)
group_materi_density_groundflow 0 0.0378 0.0378
group_materi_viscosity 0 3.6086e-05
group_porosity 0 0.15
inertia_apply -yes
groundflow_consolidation_apply -yes

However, I cannot get the grounflow or materi velocities to print, that is. The GiD *.res file does not holds anything for groundflow velocities. I even tried adding groundflow_pressure_gradient to the file header but still Tochnog Professional did not printed or calculated the groundflow velocities.

Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

I am including the two input files for Tochnog Professional (test2TP.dat)

Your help is always appreciated.

All the best, Fernando Lorenzo


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  1. Maciej Ochmański
    Maciej Ochmański 3 days ago

    Hi Fernando,

    I don’t see your input file. Could you please upload it again? (or send it straight to my e-mail ochmaskm@natur.cuni.cz).

    From your description, it seems that your setup is correct. You may try to use command “control_groundflow_consolidation_apply -yes”, however, it should have the same effect as “groundflow_consolidation_apply” thus I don’t expect that it will solve your issue.

    Anyway, if you send me your input file I will run it and debug for you.


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