Dear all,

I am trying to calibrate the hypoplastic parameters for the hypo sand model with ExCalibre tool, using CID for a particular sand. The moment I try to load the calibration data contained in a xlsx*, using the lab protocol excel sheet provided, the following error appears:
Only xlsx file type is supported.
Would really appreciate any comment on this issue. Is it something I am missing?

Thank you very much for the assistance,

  1. Wang Shun
    Wang Shun 4 years ago

    Dear Abdiel, I think there are many templates that you can follow. It is not necessary to create your own one, just download them and put your experiments data inside.

    Hope you could solve this problem.

    Best regards


  2. Abdiel Ramon Leon Bal Author
    Abdiel Ramon Leon Bal 4 years ago

    Dear Wang Shun,

    Thank you for the prompt reply. Maybe is an issue with my operating system or along those lines. Yes, I have already tried with different templates, from Clay and Sand and changing the data. I am inclined to think it’s something with my browser.

    Best Regards,

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