Hi everyone.
When i try to run the matlab driver I get the following error, how can i sove it ?
(The constructor for class ‘update’ must return only one output value.

Error in driver_HYP (line 43)
[SS,EE,INV_S,INV_E,HARD] = update(y0,parms,nspb,path_info);
forgive me, i am not very profecient in matlab.

  1. Wang Xuetao
    Wang Xuetao 3 years ago

    Hello, anis kheffache, have you solved this problem

  2. Yifei Sun
    Yifei Sun 2 years ago

    Hello, I think you are facing the problem: naming conflict, i.e., the user-defined function “update” violates the built-in function “update” in the Matlab toolbox. So, the “driver_HYP” does not know which “update” should be called. This is due to the different versions of the Matlab that the programmer and you were using.
    You can simply re-name the function “update” as “update_1” or others, then run the program. Remember to change each part of the matlab driver.

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