Hello guys. I just tried to calibrate on soilmodels. I´ve done three CIUP-REC-test plus one oedometric test. As you can see in the images, that there is still something quite wrong. Can someone help me with a clue please? ps. The Image Shows only two CIUP-REC, thats because i tried to detect my mistake

template-1.PNG Excalibre-0.PNG

  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 4 years ago

    Hi Axel, in fact, your experimental results are quite untypical, as dilatancy starts from the very beginning of the shear experiments (normally, certain compression takes place first, as predicted by the model). I am not sure whether there could be some experimental issue in this but in any case I would consider predictions quite good, it would be probably quite hard to get better predictions using manual calibration. You can try to compare both sand and clay models to see the difference.

  2. Axel Grauwinkel Author
    Axel Grauwinkel 4 years ago

    Thanks for your quick reply. Ich changed the signes because the template says that dilatancy should be negative. So after changing it the other way around I got still the same results. I was wondering, why it doesnt show anything in the strain chart?

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